TAKE 2021 Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy – July, 7th – 9th, Porto, Portugal 

Main Topic – The Knowledge Economy in the Covid-19 Era 


TAKE Spirit – bridging between theory and practice. 

TAKE is an international scientific conference devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the knowledge economy. In particular, it intends to analyze the relation and the gap between theories and practices in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

As researchers, lecturers and practicioners, we know that theory evolves as long as practice demands. And we also know that answers for social problems require multidisciplinary efforts. Many times social scientists live in silos. We believe not only theory should meet practice but also scientist with different perspectives should meet.

Therefore, we bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to discuss, advance, and shape the future of the knowledge economy.
Following the experience of previous TAKE conferences, we will put together experts from different fields such as Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management, Logistics, Retail, Public Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Models, SMEs, Competitiveness and Accounting. This diversity and wideness transforms TAKE into an unique forum. The closeness and friendship between participants is another element that turns TAKE conferences into unforgettable scientific events.

TAKE 2021 – The Knowledge Economy in the Covid-19 Era. 

In 2021, we will welcome participants in Porto, Portugal. The conference will be hosted by Universidade Portucalense: https://www-en.upt.pt/.

We hope that in July 2021 the restrictions that have hindered the movement of scholars in 2020 will have finished. if not we may do the Conference online, but we really want to do in presence because for us conferences are meetings. And, given what has been happening, we suggest as a global theme for the papers to be presented  namely: “The Knowledge Economy in the Covid-19 Era”. The events of the last months put questions to our sciences, and had unexpected and unprecendented effects in our societies.

Our aim is to build and  interesting scientific program that brings together research and business practice reflecting on the impact of the Covid in the economy and society within the 24 streams we selected.

Due to the diversity and quality of the participants TAKE 2021 will be an unique forum to discuss the current situation world affairs from a multidiciplinary point of view of social sciences.

A small jubillee for the scientific turtle and its wonderful team to celebrate. 

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TAKE is organized by a group of friends who began working together more than 10 years ago. TAKE 2020 is the fitth edition of TAKE, following previous edtitions in Aveiro, Portugal (2016), Zagreb, Croatia (2017), Poznan, Poland (2018), and Vienna Austria (2019). Information about the previous events may be found under the Heading Previous Events. It has been a hard ride and as with all the turtles a slow, but we made good progress.

And while we are already planning much ahead, we really want to celebrate in great fashion our first small jubilee – a wooden weeding, according to the tradition. In TAKE theory “marries” practice and great scholars from fields usually apart meet for three days in the Summer for an unique scientific and human event.

So let us meet on July  7th 2021 in Porto. Save the date!